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...and our connection with them.

It is a recognized fact though that the Strengths-momentum created during the past 8 years is largely attributed to the high quality influence of Africanmosaic, and their good relationship with Gallup. Although Africanmosaic is recognized by Gallup for the work and achievement regarding the development and expansion of the Strengths Movement through the Clifton StrengthsFinder  in South Africa (SA is currently (March 2013) the second largest buyer of CSF codes via The Gallup Strengths Center, second only to the USA), none of the services, coaching or training we provide are accredited by Gallup as  

​Gallup does not accredit any external consultants or trainers - only employees and Strengths Coaches trained on location in the USA. 

The owners (and trainers) of Africanmosaic was trained by Gallup in StrengthsFinder Coaching (Level 1, 2 & 3) and in ME25 Engagement Assessment, and they are the only members outside of the USA who are part of the Gallup Strengths Advisory Forum (2013).  Dries Lombaard (owner, Africanmosaic) is also the only South African contributor to the official Gallup Strengths Blog. (

The Strengths Coaches trained by Africanmosaic are accredited by us, and not by Gallup.  We use the Gallup science, process and methodology in our training of Strengths Coaches.  The only Gallup Strengths Coach accredited training is done on location in Omaha, Nebraska, at a cost of $7500 (R67'500)  for 5 days (accelerated course) or $2900 (R26'100) for a 3-day Course.  (See

Africanmosaic is also the only company in South Africa who has a printing- and online-assessment agreement with Gallup. We have a 8 year official working relationship with Gallup in Omaha, Nebraska.  (For confirmation of any of this information, we can put you in touch with the relevant people at Gallup to verify.)

Gallup®, Clifton StrengthsFinder®, StrengthsFinder®, and the 34 Clifton StrengthsFinder® theme names are trademarks of Gallup, Inc.

Gallup delivers forward-thinking research, analytics, and advice to help leaders solve their most pressing problems. Combining more than 75 years of experience with its global reach, Gallup knows more about the attitudes and behaviors of the world's constituents, employees, and customers than any other organization.

Gallup consultants help private and public sector organizations boost organic growth through measurement tools, strategic advice, and education. Gallup's 2,000 professionals deliver services at client organizations, through the Web, and in nearly 40 offices around the world.

Gallup News reports empirical evidence about the world's 7 billion citizens based on Gallup's continuous polling in 160 countries.

The Gallup Business Journal provides hard-hitting articles and insights aimed at helping executives improve business outcomes based on Gallup's experience boosting companies' performance.

Gallup also offers books with groundbreaking research on business, leadership, well-being  and politics, as well as coursework on the factors that drive individual and organizational performance.

Based on a 40-year study of human strengths, Gallup created a language of the 34 most common talents and developed the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to help people discover and describe these talents. In 2001, the initial version of this assessment was included with the bestselling management book Now, Discover Your Strengths. The discussion quickly moved beyond the management audience of this book. The goal was to start a global conversation about what's right with people. It appears that the world was ready to have this conversation.

The Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment sorts the 34 talent Themes in order according to how you answer the scientifically designed sequence of 178 questions.  Each of the 34 Talent Themes describes your specific talent, or your recurring pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving.

The interpretation of this report, though seemingly simple, really only achieves dynamic impact in personal and team development if unpacked and applied contextually by a trained an experienced Strengths coach.  Something most people don't understand, is that the report itself, although revealing and extremely accurate, does not mean very much.  It is the dynamic interaction between the top, middle and lower talent themes, and the way you apply and develop them into practical areas of your life and career, that truly makes a significant impact regarding the use and maximizing of your unique talent themes.

Also, the StrengthsFinder instrument is one of the most dynamically accurate assessments out there.  If you think that the DISC assessment gives you 1 in 4 possible combinations, and the Myers-Briggs gives you 1 in 16 combinations, it is astounding that the Clifton StrengthsFinder has more than 33 million possible combinations ONLY in the Top 5 out of the 34 Talent Themes!!

In its most simple explanation, each of the 34 talents basically means the following:

Achiever - one with a constant drive for accomplishing tasks

Activator - one who acts to start things in motion

Adaptability - one who is especially adept at accommodating to changes in direction/plan

Analytical - one who requires data and/or proof to make sense of their circumstances

Arranger - one who enjoys orchestrating many tasks and variables to a successful outcome

Belief - one who strives to find some ultimate meaning behind everything they do

Command - one who steps up to positions of leadership without fear of confrontation

Communication - one who uses words to inspire action and education

Competition - one who thrives on comparison and competition to be successful

Connectedness - one who seeks to unite others through commonality

Consistency - one who believes in treating everyone the same to avoid unfair advantage

Context - one who is able to use the past to make better decisions in the present

Deliberative - one who proceeds with caution, seeking to always have a plan and know all of the details

Developer - one who sees the untapped potential in others

Discipline - one who seeks to make sense of the world by imposition of order

Empathy - one who is especially in tune with the emotions of others

Focus - one who requires a clear sense of direction to be successful

Futuristic - one who has a keen sense of using an eye towards the future to drive today's success

Harmony - one who seeks to avoid conflict and achieve success through consensus

Ideation - one who is adept at seeing underlying concepts that unite disparate ideas

Includer - one who instinctively works to include everyone

Individualization - one who draws upon the uniqueness of individuals to create successful teams

Input - one who is constantly collecting information or objects for future use

Intellection - one who enjoys thinking and thought-provoking conversation often for its own sake, and also can data compress complex concepts into simplified models

Learner - one who must constantly be challenged and learning new things to feel successful

Maximizer - one who seeks to take people and projects from great to excellent

Positivity - one who has a knack for bring the light-side to any situation

Relator - one who is most comfortable with fewer, deeper relationships

Responsibility - one who, inexplicably, must follow through on commitments

Restorative - one who thrives on solving difficult problems

Self-Assurance - one who stays true to their beliefs, judgments and is confident of his/her ability

Significance - one who seeks to be seen as significant by others

Strategic - one who is able to see a clear direction through the complexity of a situation

Woo - one who is able to easily persuade

Okay, so you do the StrengthsFinder, obtain your results, what??

Exactly!  It will only be a short-lived firework if you do not go on a journey of development and growth with a trained and experienced Strengths Coach.  THAT is what Africanmosaic is about.  Maximizing your talents into high impact strengths.  (Check out this video for more on this...)


There are plenty of "wannabe" Strengths Coaches out there!  Verify that your coach was trained by us, and is part of our accredited Talent Mosaic network of South African Strengths Coaches. Our coaches rank with the best in the world. 

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